Rigid body, soft body, cloth etc ... what works ? what doesn't?

@lubos Hi lubos, could you update the manual about physics and indicate what works, what doesn’t work or what is limited, as supported node and supported particles. I can’t achieve any plant collision with rigid body setup or cloth setup nor soft body. What options is expected to work and what are those are not expected to work. I will send some of my blends on github may be i’m doing something wrong …

Post your examples links and we can take a look.

keep in mind that in order to collide one rigid body with something, said static something has to have passive rigid body on.

I’m preparing some blend files to show what i expect as correct results in blender and what i get with armory

Issue is posted here with blend file. https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues/857

It would appear there are no springs. As far as I’m concerned, in fact, there are no constraints (yet). The best approach might be making the grass a soft body.