Roadmap for armory

@lubos Do you plan to release roadmap for feature updates so we will know what we can exept for every build ?

Eh, future residents of a house in construction might technically need a roof more than a basement, but you don’t start building with the roof :slight_smile:

At this point we should just trust Lubos that he knows what he’s doing. We’re not even in beta.


I agree with MadMinstrel. Software development process may seem haphazard from the outside. The developer sees that all these priority features(A,B,C) need this basic block to be implemented but that basic block might not be anything visible from the outside… and then he realizes that with this improvement a low hanging fruit (feature Z) could be implemented with very little effort… and that is something visible. So it seems that the important things were not worked on when in fact majority of the effort may have gone to make them possible in the future… they just might be a long way off.

When a project is in its early phases… lots of that base building needs to happen and I think an ever-growing list of feature requests might be a distraction.