Robotic Armory Assembly Line


I finished (more or less) a little use case that I did over the past few weeks. My goals were to try Armory and find out

  1. if parts of it can already be used for production work
  2. how well the HTML5 export works
  3. if I can define a complex animation in terms of logic, that is evaluated in run time (for interactive visualizations)

This is the result so far (there are 4 lamps in the scene, so it’s relatively heavy):
Navigate the scene with left and right mouse button.
At the moment the ‘production’ only works once, after that there is some issue.

For me, the answers are:

  1. Kind of… I guess it would be OK for very simple projects. For complex ones, it seems there are a lot of bugs and some half-baked implementations.
  2. The HTML5 support is among the best I’ve ever seen. I’m honestly stunned about the performance and reliability.
  3. Yes. And that is a huge deal in my oppinion.

All in all I am pretty damn excited about Armory :slight_smile: !

Here is the .blend - file:


Very Cool! For some reason the scene makes my PC launch SteamVR, someone else experiencing that too?

I don’t have steam on my computer, so I dont have that problem…

I somehow had to continue working on this to make it a little prettier:

  • The weird stripiness on the Armory ‘A’ is mostly gone now
  • I used the ‘optimize meshes’ flag for exporting and removed one light source. Now the scene runs nice and fluent, at least on my laptop.
  • There was some glitchiness with combining the ‘A’ in the end. That was due to a misunderstanding of mine about the behaviour of the ‘Merge’ Node. I thought it fires an event, after it received events from all of its inputs. Instead, it fires an event every time it receives an input event. I fixed that with a (ugly but working) workaround.
  • It’s possible to produce as many 'A’s as you like, now :slight_smile: .

@donalffons Nice demonstrator !.
I must remind to see if it could be reused as a testbed for the Deep Reinforcement Learning Armory that could be usefull in Enterprise 4.0

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forgive me, can you tell me whether this error is the norm (immediately, when I start your example)? :

I haven’t tested this in a long time. Probably some Armroy update broke this example. I might try to fix this in the future, but can’t promise.

Pushed a fix, if you use Armory Updater it should work out of the box again. :hammer:

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