Rocket House - A local multiplayer shooter 2,5D

This weekend I had the fun experience of creating a game in 48 hours during Global Game Jam by oneself. For this, I used Armory 06 Beta, and Magic Voxel to create some assets.

The theme of the game jam was “hat home means to you”. And I had the idea of ​​creating a 2.5D multiplayer where each player would be represented by a brother who just won a toy rocket this Christmas and let’s do what brothers do best, FIGHT!

It was a very interesting experience. I just used the node system for logic and the RigidBody system.

Soon I can tell you more about my experience, problems and solutions during development. Below, some pictures and links. In the main link I provide the source code of all 24 versions made during development and also all the assests still editable in Magic Voxel.

– portuguese version –
Neste final de semana tive a divertida experiencia de criar um jogo sozinho em 48 horas durante a Global Game Jam. Para isto, usei a Armory 06 Beta, e o Magic Voxel para criar alguns assets.

O tema da game jam foi " hat home means to you". E eu tive a ideia de criar um multiplayer 2.5D onde os cada jogadore seria representado por um irmão que acabou de ganhar um foguete de brinquedo neste natal e estão prestes a fazer o que irmãos fazem de melhor, LUTAR!

Foi uma experiencia bastante interessante. Usei apenas o sistema de nós para a logica em conjunto com o sistema de RigidBody.

Em breve posso contar um pouco mais da minha experiencia, problemas e soluções durante o desenvolvimento. Abaixo algumas imagens e links. No link principal disponibilizo o source code de todas as 24 versões realizadas durante o desenvolvimento e também todos os assests ainda editaves em Magic Voxel.


That’s awesome! I’ll have to try it if I get the chance. So cool to see what people can do with Armory!


That looks fantastic! I’m curious… It looks like it’s using voxels, but I wasn’t yet aware of Armory having a voxel engine. Is the game actually running with voxels, or did you just make the assets in VoxelMagic and then export to meshes for Armory?


Me is impressed. I think(?) its the first time Armory3d has made it into a game jam. Goud Joub man!


It is not first time several other people made it into game jams but only showcased it on discord server :slight_smile:.

Correct :white_check_mark:

Gah! I wish people would post stuff on the forum where it can be seen longer and by more people! I recently had a YouTuber who published a video about the 10 best Godot games/demo’s ask me to suggest the 10 best for Armory so they could do a video on it. I love Armory and I know it’s early days, but damn, I had real trouble actually pointing him to anything! I mean, the examples on github are useful for learning, but they’re not really eyecandy to attract new users. The video of your game is the first really decent thing I’ve found…


The second option, i create then and export like a normal mesh. Voxels were only a art style.

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I know, follow and support the Armory project since last year wen they had a public release. Since that time, I saw a greate potential in this project, they have almost all of the expected of a game engine. Of course, they still in beta, and have a lot of bugs. But of course it is worth studying and support they developement found. The logic system is very intuitive, organized and powerfull. They work perfectly for this kind of project. Although I used some nodes created by the community (they are shared on official git hub of armory). And also from i saw, its not hard to create your own costumized nodes. In short, i’m very pleased and surprised by test this tool.