Rotation information is reset when switching to another scene (Link Objects)

When I rotate an object in scene 1 and shift to scene 2 (Link Objects), the rotation information is reset.

Is this a bug?
Or is it a specification?
Am I wrong in usage?
Is there any other way to solve while using the scene feature?

I can solve it without using the scene function, but I asked because the use of the scene function makes the node much simpler.

Of course, when rotating manually on blender and switching scenes, the rotation information is retained.

Thank you.

I don’t know whether it’s not implemented yet or it’s simply broken. It works in Blender itself, but not in Armory.
But at least you can do it using nodes. SceneSwitchTest.blend (748.3 KB)

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It would be nice to save and call transform information once. I was carelessly.
At the same time, I learned how to use the [Read Storage] and [Write Storage] nodes.

Thank you.

I understand how to work around the bug, but the bug has not been resolved. I do not know if it is a bug or a spec.