Safari - iPhone

Currently I can build for html and my projects work in Chrome and Firefox but not on my iPhone - will that be possible soon? Just checking.



FYI: also works on my Android tablet just fine!

Are you building for ios or trying to open the game in your safari browser on ios? If the latter:
a) consider building for ios
b) if you have a computer with safari, try using inspect element to see the console output.
Hopefully we can get a better idea of what’s going on.

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I need it to run on the web for multiple devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, etc.) so i chose html 5. It runs on Chrome and Firefox but not on Safari on my mobile device (iPhone X)

I think there are some apps that would let you inspect element on mobile and allow you to see the error logs, but I would have to do more research. Most likely it’s blocking some basic html functionality, which might appear in the logs… Just a thought.

Thanks for the reply