Saving Armory renders directly to images?

Saving what we see in the Blender 3D viewport to images is just a matter of pressing the camera/claque icon on the 3D viewport header.

Is it possible to do this, or something similar, with Armory renders?

Not yet built-in but would be nice to have in the future. Think it should be easy to integrate directly inside Blender. Right now one has to use print screen/snipping tool and similar OS utils.

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Thanks! For me this would allow to replace cycles bake to textures + 3D viewport GLSL renders, by only Armory renders in most of my animation jobs. Cool to know that it’s a possibility! :slight_smile:
The biggest problem with screen captures is that they are only 8bit colour (per channel) without Alpha (transparency) and, most of the time, are stored in a lossy format, making it very hard to do any compositing after.

I would love to see this feature! My goal is to make YouTube TV series and right now, with Cycles, render times are ridiculous, a year plus for one 40 minute episode. My only option is lower resolution and lots of noise! Nexgen games can do real-time that looks better. It seems like a gap in use case coverage. I think a lot of animators would sacrifice realism for a lower rendering time if it looked as good as nexgen triple A game titles.

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