Say Hello! (present yourself here)

I’ll start: Hello all, I’m a 34 years male from Lebanon. Lived a bit everywhere (Europe and Middle East), worked a bit everywhere. I am an animator by trade (2D traditional cell animation), illustrator, but I’ve also began coding (professionally) at 14.

I’ve opened 4 companies (one advertising/illustration shop and 3 web start-ups) and I consult for businesses (mainly start-ups), mainly about growth, hiring, and communication. So in other words, I’ve never learned code “academically”, though I ended up being not too bad at it, I’m told.

My experience in game dev proper is practically nil. I’ve left everything a few months back to try and make video games for a living, which has been what I wanted to do almost since I can stand (used to create video game levels on paper when I was 6). I’ve tried almost all platforms and frameworks out there. Aaaand, that’s about it. I also tend to write more than people like to read.