Scene rendering is completely wrong

I encountered a problem while trying to export a scene, while there’s nothing wrong in the view port, armory seems to be seeing this as a black dot and a distorted circle:

Any appreciable help available?

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Offtopic(my comment), but please try to give better and descriptive title :slight_smile:
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There’s a problem with scene exporting, cause what i see in the second picture isn’t the same as the third :smile:. (Original post edited a little.)

I meant to say that my statement have nothing to do with your topic

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the top part was unnecessary.

maybe I’m too used to YouTube click bait :wink:, anyway, lets not get too off topic…

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It looks like that scene is using a special shader tree. Maybe try setting the materials to something basic like a simple diffuse and see if it looks any different. Not all of the material nodes are implemented yet so that could mess up the rendering.

I just used the list of the compile-able materials from the manual page, and most shaders are just principled.
the rim is just an emission shader with different colours.; so materials are fine. geometry doesn’t pass 1m faces and everything seems good. armory is updated to latest git version today.

It would be helpful if you can share your .blend file so that people can try and hopefully figure out what the bug could be.

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…or at least a picture of the shader tree.

Sure!! I changed the environment a bit, so it may not look like it did in the picture.