Sci-fi Scene

I’ve spent the last few hours on making trying out various stuff in Armory (all assets modelled in Blender), and ended up with this scene being focused on the PBR material aspect (the materiality of the spheres in the middle) as well as going for a futuristic vibe (something similar to Deus Ex). The scene also includes an example of UV animation (the scrolling text/computer) as well as vignette and film grain. I also had plans to include a security-cam sort of thing, but I-ran-out-of-time/Blender-messed-up-my-UV-mapping-rage-quit.

The scene isn’t as beautiful as what is sometimes seen from UE4, but the possibility to very quickly iterate new stuff in a scene is really lovely and fast!

Youtube link here (I’m not sure how to embed youtube videos on here)

In the future, my plans are that this will provide the way for more similar scenes, where the two next will first be an example scene (similiar to UE4’s feature’s example) as well as an international airport scene (me being an architect, the primary focus will of course be on the ArchViz side of this).

Oh, by the way, I can upload the .blend file somewhere if anyone is interested?


You can upload it to the ACXT3R- Googledrive “random stuff” folder, but you can also create your own Drive account very easily.

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Thanks for sharing the .blend file, it’s brilliant! Really cool to have a look at how you built it.

PS: Did you have a chance to experiment with voxel stuff? Too slow, glitchy, or not working at all? Plan to build some docs on it soon, to make the setup easier. :slight_smile:


I must admit the thought of trying out the voxel stuff with the scene didn’t occur to me, mainly because I only recently moved from a slow laptop to a proper desktop (that supports OpenGL 4.5) and haven’t really had my time to try out the neat voxel GI stuff yet, and secondly as this was more like an attempt to make a speedpaint/run of a scene, where I would basically model and texture an asset in one layer within a timelimit, and assemble everything in another.

But wow, your screenshots with the voxel stuff activated looks really neat! :astonished: - But yeah, I really should try to get my fingers dirty with the voxel stuff, considering how nice the results can be, but docs would certainly be welcome :slight_smile:

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Started a new guide on GI stuff, it can still get clunky and heavy but will get there. :slight_smile: