Hello everyone!

How to add SCORM in HTML projects?

Is it impossible or hard?

Hi, could you please elaborate on what your goal is?

I don’t know anything about SCORM. Perhaps others too don’t know about this so could not provide an answer. Your explanation on this could give us some ideas on how and if at all this would be possible.

What might also be helpful is some resources for what you are trying to do but for other game engines, if they already support such a thing.

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i’m an educator, i prepare tasks for my students. i get information with scorm that “what stage of the homework was not understood.” usa developed it for military training programs, but today it has become a standard for educational contents.

Blender has a free plug-in (verge) but it’s not compatible with armory.

Thanks for the explanation.

Currently there seems to be no workflow for doing this in Armory. But what I imagine could be possible is to build smaller HTML5 modules in Armory and embed them in a SCROM platform. So building SCROM around Armory instead of embedding SCROM in Armory. Perhaps you could save performance data as an XML file and read the same via the SCROM platform?

Of course, what I mentioned above is all just a possibility and you must try it yourself to know if it does in fact make any sense. In case you have any more questions/ suggestions about this, feel free to discuss it here.

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I dont know if this would be relevant. But maybe this is somehow useful?

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no no no it’s not problem. you don’t have to know this level of software knowledge.

it’s ok :+1::+1::+1: