Seeking talent for community project with serious plan!

With 6 people working on the game, you should have something to show quickly enough.
I’ll wait for your game demo.

Deal. Currently are 3 actively working. Maybe this post was to early :wink:

No way! I’m excited to see that somebody is doing this even if it is early and still in planning phase. It’s great that you have a plan and that you are motivated to work on it and try to do big things. :+1:

I’ll move this to Offtopic until there is something to Showcase. :slight_smile:

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I am in it, of cource there are 6 people but like trsh said only me, @trsh and @BrahRah are active and other 3 people are all newbie, so it will take sometime and we are in just planning pharse, we are missing concept artist and someone experience with rigging and stuff, that why we decided to ask if anyone is interested to come and join.
Like SB is saying, i will explain a bit more about project. We are focused on graphics more than anything, ofcource there will be gameplay too. We are making demo situated in future, meaning we will need more artist(with skill).
As for gameplay, we are using puzzle category, like player will be fixing ship and complete objectives.
This is what I can say so far, with enough contribution we can hopefully move forward.
Of course thing may change, but like explain above, futurism in graphics, and puzzle in gameplay is core project and can be taken further if we can.

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For design you just need people to gather references and mix them when needed

Someone needs to define the game context writing it, for example :

  1. environment
    A planet looking like earth, but with some alien ruins and puzzles
    And one or two creatures to get rid off with melee combat to let you explore and gather materials or components.

  2. Gameplay is first person

  • climbable walls
  • swimming underwater
  • collect materials or objects
  • display inventory, can put object from inventory to hands
  • display player status
  1. player objects
  • melee fight with a wrench or futurist melee weapon
  • ranged lazer low rate do low damage , mainly used to trigger distant
  1. creatures
  • some pacific creatures walking around, some big flying far
  • hostile melee creature, some flying big flying insect
  1. puzzles

  2. Ship

  • size
  • interior , exterior design

They may change but a little, you can’t start working on the demo, and later decide , it’s not more futurist, it’s medieval with new gameplay.

I think a small exploration outdoor planet with different linear path would
look lot more interesting than interior ship only.

What is not compatible is those :

This one is a short work , no need to make something very complete , no need for gameplay , what matters is graphics complexity and good look, it does not need to be a game, it could be a walk through.
It doesn’t need more than one level, or hundred 3D models and materials.

This one is graphics showcase, no gameplay, and demonstrate graphics capabilities.

This one is very different way you work with people, and someone need to be the leader that creates the company and make the contracts for other people working on the game.
Money is involved with kickstarter is not just making a demo.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea , having people work in the project and transform it into a kickstarter commercial project.
Anyone that made some work on the demo and not participating on the kickstarter to make a full game, can claim any time any work they made on the demo and claim money.
You could have legal issues.

Sorry. But no managing positions are available :)) … we are doing stuff you are talking about and more. P.s. Mixing design is cool if you don’t care about originality, etc.

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To be clear i don’t seek any paid position :wink:
Just warn you about possible legal issues.

I’ll wait for first works you’ll be showing.

Thank you…

@MagicLord, again can you please stop pointing out every flaw you see in what someone wants to do that isn’t how you would do it. All of what you said about legal issues can be solved with a simple NDA and if they would be using a NDA that would show you crap on a public board. You are not the be all and end all of ideas. They have the right to ask and if someone want to talk to them they can.

There was no reason to ask them in the manor you did. No, no not everyone would need to see their work to be interested. No they don’t have to show their work to you or anyone in a public forum to ask for help. You have even less right to demand it for other people. This falls into the if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything category since they are not trying to change Armory or your work in any way.


When you read this

(Perhaps they call concepts simple notes, unlike concept art drawings)

It could have been a vaporware project, there has been many in Unreal forums for example.

Concept is not necessary art. It can be simple drawing with txt to represent for example game mechanics.

Early because I have tasks only for 3-4 ppl.

Stop this conspiracy stuff please :))

I will not respond… This is time waste

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Well … good luck with your project, i hope you’ll succeed making something that demonstrates Armory capabilities and that will contribute to make Armory very popular, and shows it’s the best indie 3D engine.


Contacting through discord

Please, as written in topic, contract me privately in discord.

Alright so ive managed to read through the content of your project and so far im impressed even though there are no visuals for it, however i may contribute to the project later in the year once i organize myself on my side to do Game Art and Environmental Design right inside Armory.

I’ll keep up to date with everything going on in this project and when the time is right i’ll showcase some stuff you guys can use and ultimately share the files with you guy’s on this project.
(I Understand Armory is in its early days no need to put pressure on building something overly ambitious, id say do anything thats possible with what Armory can at this point in its Development and later on expand this Game project and make it what it aspires to become)

i see a great concept here, and being a space boy fan as well id be happy to contribute something atleast abit later on as i havent done anything in Armory as yet.



Still looking for hard surface modeler. Please PM me :slight_smile:

Offhand, I’d suggest: "completely open it up." Let it be a community project in which source modifications are handled through GitHub (a private repo …), discussions and work are generally very open, and updates are posted regularly. Well, much like the ongoing “Blender 2.8” project. I wouldn’t suggest considering any story ideas, graphics ideas, and so forth to be something that must be “NDA’d.” Instead, I would opine that this approach would only get in the way and set the project back. The project needs clear leadership, but no secrecy.

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These kinds of projects don’t usually die from someone else stealing your ideas. They die from a lack of skilled, talented people being able to see real progress and chances of succes, so they just don’t join and nothing gets done.

I saw this happen hundreds of times over on the BlenderArtists forums where people were always looking for other people to essentially make “their” game, and considered that their ideas were the secret sauce. Garbage. Ideas are cheap and plentiful. Skilled, talented people willing to put in hard work are the not-so-secret sauce, and they’re only going to join if they see serious talent/experience/resources/progress.

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That we have actually, the only thing is it is on gitlab, because private repo wasn’t free on github at time of creation.

Discuss what exactly? there are only 2 main people are working, some other has their thing to take care of, so things are done slower and open discussion would not be possible, because it would boring considering no. of people are actually interested in project, since only main 2 people are working the actual output to discuss is real less.
Well, Blender 2.8 project is actually handled by hundred of people and millions are interested and is industry proven, and i don’t think it can actually compared.

Actually the leadership is actually quite good, if you had come, and you can’t actually test leadership when the project is at bare minimum. I don’t know what you mean by No secrecy, secrecy between people who are working with each other? between Spectator ? between people who want to join the project.
Case 1: There no secrecy.
Case 2: You can’t just go and say everything you know about the project
Case 3: I think this is where you are correct, tho, people are free to ask about the project if they PM him, it would not hurt to do PM, but i do think some basic plan needed to be told in public, so that more interest come and public know more about.

That not actually the thing here, we are not asking anybody to make game for ‘us’, we neither consider our idea as secret sauce, it actually community project, you can ignore the project if you want, if you want to be interested, you can be interested or if you want, if you don’t want to care then No Problem at all you are free to decide it for yourself, nobody is forcing/saying anything, and again you are free to ask/PM him or me if you want to just ask about anything, there is NO secrecy at all. It just that people don’t need to reveal anything when anything start at all, cause hyping everyone and disappointing everyone is said to be really bad and is proven many time by companies with AAA titles, if the project is broken down to nothing and i will guarentee you that it would be really embarrassing getting asked about the project by the people who are ‘hyped’, so just trying to say that the being ‘big show’, isn’t always the way.
And on the other hand armory is relatively new, and it would be not easy to make game without docs, but sometime people just find a way to do it, so people need to stop hiting on projects, when they themselves don’t know what is happening at all, it is easy to say anything from outside but not easy when you are inside.

Do read above ^, project is about showcasing armory comp-abilities, not making super game with super secret-sauce.
So, I will say this last time that this is community project, people are free to join, people are free to not care about the project. And the project final plan is to be community driven(just like how blender2.8 is being made and supported), and the project is not private at all, not personal at all

I want to say @trsh, @BlackGoku36, and the rest of the current team, that if you have a dedicated core team that really cares about the project, then that is what is going to be more valuable than anything else. The talent may be hard to get your hands on and it may take a long time before you get the resources that you need to get the job done, but if you really care about the project and you have a team of members that also care about the project, that is what is going to make the difference.

I would suggest that when considering anybody else that might want to contribute to the project, try to understand whether or not they also have the interest and passion that you have for what you are working on, assuming that you have the passion yourself! Those are the people that will stick with you when things are difficult, the people that actually care personally about the project you are working on and the goals you are trying to accomplish, even if you do not yet have all of the talent you need.

Something that me and my team always say is that attitude and aptitude are the biggest things that we look for in people that might work with us. If somebody really wants to do what you are doing, then that is going to show in all the work they do.

The other thing is make sure you have a clear vision. The only way to make sure that you are doing what you planned to do is if you have a clear vision that everybody involved understands. Everybody needs to know why they are there and what the team as a whole is trying to accomplish. If everybody is working on the project trying to accomplish something different, then it will eventually wear down the project to nothing unless a clear vision is established.

If you really do want to make your project happen, and you really believe in what you are working on, then don’t be deterred by the people who challenge what you are doing. If it is what you want to do, fill your team with other people who also want to do it, hopefully for the same reason that you want to do it. Your team is important. Even if you have all the talent that you need, if the members are not invested in your project, they are going to be working for you and not with you, and if you aren’t paying them, well…they could easily leave.

Anyway, that is my contribution. I hope that you can form a team that will build your project with you. Good luck.