Serial Port

I Design video games and electronic devices for blind people. I need to control the signals Data Terminal Ready, Data Set Ready, Clear To Send, etc.
Where can I find documentation about this?
Before, in Blender I controlled the signals in Python but I do not know how to achieve it in Haxe.

Thank you.

Here is a library for communicating on Serial ports in Haxe, but it hasn’t been updated in a while ( 3 years ) and it only works for C++ target. Technically you could get it to work with Krom ( the default Armory target that runs on desktops ) as well, but you would have to compile Krom from source and create additional bindings to the library that is used to communicate with the devices.

If you don’t mind waiting longer for your Armory games to compile for the C++ target, then it might work fine for you.


Thank you, ziclag.