Set Scene problem

Hello to all,
a quick question,
I have few scenes, on keyboard impute I am willing to change scenes.
From scene 1 to 5…things like that.
It does not work.
Is there a bug or some logic thing That I absolutely need to able.

Sorry for the Noob question,

Thanks in Advance.

How are you trying to change scene? With Haxe or with nodes? Could you show either the code or a screenshot?

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With node,
I am really new, …we can do that with Haxe also. NIce.
Good, would be surely easier,
just a tweet in the program.

Here is the pic

First go here

Then there are options

Click “New” to create scene from scratch
Click “Copy Settings” to create new scene with settings copied from previous one.
Click “Link Objects” to create scene with objects from previous one.
Click “Link Object Data” to create scene with objects and it settings(materails, etc.) from previous one.
Click “Full Copy” to copy everything from previous open

After scene is loaded then go to previous one(where you are attaching nodes in).
That node setup is good, enter scene name of scene you just created.(Dunno what .jpg is, but i recommend you not to do that).
Then go hit play(Scene where your nodes are).
Also add something to differentiate from Scene 1 and Scene 2.
Hope this help. Have a good day :grin:.

Thanks a lot,
I did that in a previous Blend, and it was working perfectly fine.
Here I have 3 scenes, A,B,C,
And I set the keyboard like on the image above, if you press A, you go tho scene A, B…
You get the drill.
When I am on scene B, if I press B it come back to first camera position, A, and C are doing nothing.

The scenes are all a full copy, with one mesh, and one camera. The image on the mesh is different but that’s all.

IF you have an Haxe tutorial for the same thing, I would be really glad.

Look at this->
Download it, It has both Haxe and logic node.

1000 Thanks, Will work on the Haxe. I will may be have no prob there. I surely did wrong somewhere.

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I just realized I already had it. I just did’t knew about the Haxe part will search for it.

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No problem. Mind sharing .blend files with nodes you tried, I will see where you go wrong.

I will send it to you from the office tomorrow.

This has been around for a while. It works for me.

Hello I will Work on what you sent me, the tutorial Link.
here is the file.
I didn’t inserted the pictures.

Thanks you for your help.