SetRotation Node broken?

The SetRotationNode used to work. Is it broken now?

A very simple game consisting of the default cube and a keyboard node
and a SetRotation node will demonstrate that it is not working. Is the “w” missing? The error message:

Trace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined
at (<anonymous>:757:26)
at armory_logicnode_MergedKeyboardNode.runOutput (<anonymous>:537:8)
at armory_logicnode_MergedKeyboardNode.update (<anonymous>:678:9)
at iron_App.update (<anonymous>:5432:27)
at kha_TimeTask.task (<anonymous>:24001:3)
at Function.kha_Scheduler.executeTimeTasks (<anonymous>:23885:75)
at Function.kha_Scheduler.executeFrame (<anonymous>:23837:17)
at kha_SystemImpl.renderCallback (<anonymous>:24614:16)

Hi, it looks like your file was created in an older version of Armory. You should try to add a new SetRotationNode and copy over the values from the old one. You will see that the new node has another input called Angle / W.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I re-installed the latest version of Aromry3d, it worked now,
Does the vector must be unit length?

It is automatically normalized by the node

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