Setting and comparing variables with logic nodes

I’m having trouble setting a simple variable in Armory with logic nodes.

something like:
BoatPosition = 2

then check it witha gate:
If BoatPosition = 2 (do something)

Only with logic nodes.

I would do something like this:

Firstly, the gate node needs a red imput, it only passes this one through when the set condition aplies. Also, you are trying to compare a string to integer, but you can’t do that. If you want to compare variables by using names for them, you need to use the “set-” and “get property” nodes, best with the “global object” node combined. This would look something like this:

Currently working on documentation for single nodes, hope to get half of them done by the end of schoolvacation.

Sry for the edits, I did some stupid stuff wrong.

Thanks, I have one more question, how do I keep a sound from playing when my program starts up?


The only thing you’re missing is an input(red circle). This is there so the gate only works when it needs to.