Setting Render Path

How does one set the render path used by Armory? I’ve found where you can edit the node graphs for the render paths, but not where to set them. Simply having a render path open in the node editor doesn’t seem to do anything.


Setting the render path for armory:

1- Select your scene camera
2- Go to the camera data block on the properties editor and look for the Armory Props section
3- Select your desired render path


Alright, thanks for the help!

Where do you edit the node graphs? I’ve seen them before and now I can’t find them any more :slight_smile:

In the Node Editor, there is a row of five buttons. The fourth button, which has a camera icon, is for editing Render Path nodes.

EDIT: You also have to select a render path for editing, by default none are selected.

Thanks! I see them now.