Settings Render: Armory – Clear on build

There is a Save on build option (in the Show Advanced section of the Render: Armory engine settings) to auto-save when Play starts. Likewise, I want to add a Clear on build option, I believe it will be useful because, for example, without clearing, changes to the UI are not applied.

I did. But the question is whether it is necessary to disable/hide the Clear button when the option is enabled or leave it so that the user can just do the cleaning without building?


Hi, good idea, but this functionality is already implemented if I understand you correctly: there is an option Render Properties > Armory Project > Flags > Cache Build. It’s activated by default which might not be optimal, also it’s a bit hidden.

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I understand correctly: to always execute Clear project when you click on the Play button, do you need to turn off the Cache Build option?

P.S. But I did a little more work in the engine, which is also useful :slight_smile:

Yes. And no^^ There is one small difference: disabling the Cache Build option will just rebuild/re-export everything (overriding the contents in the build folder) whilst the Clean button will delete the entire build folder.

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Well thank you. So the proposed option “Clear on Build” is not needed :slight_smile: