Several cameras at the same time

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For a game I planned to have two active cameras at the same time. The main camera for FPV in fullscreen, the second camera as a small overlay frame with the top ortographic view. The second camera is parented to the player to show his position on the “map”.

Is this possible at the moment with Armory? couldn’t find any settings/options to get this to work.

thanks for your answers.


There is a Render to Texture example in the Armory examples that shows you how to have a camera render to an image texture. In that example, the texture is placed onto a 3D object, but I think it would be possible to use that texture as the image for a UI element as well, though I don’t have the time to look into exactly how you would do that.

Another less applicable, but still potentially helpful example is the Split Screen example.


Hi @zicklag

Thank you for the answer. I loaded and tested the two examples. Unfortunately they did not work for me in B2.8, A0.6. But I did not have much time to analyze. It is good to know that there are several ways to achieve this and that it is so easy.

Looking forward to showing my Armory applications that I am currently working on as soon as they are ready to go.

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how do i lock view to camera so can look around without exit camera view like in program blender?

If I understand correctly, you are looking for viewport play mode:


That will let you fly around the scene with the W, A, S, D, E, and Q buttons. Clicking and dragging will look around the scene.

as i move will the camera object move as i move in viewport thus adjusting the camera angle location rotation?

I wont to be able to move the camera position rotation as i move through the camera view… as in blender when you click on 0insert button to enter camera view and press lock camera to view… is this feature in Armory? because positioning camera seams pretty complicated and slow

No, there isn’t anything to do that in Armory at the moment. You would have to do something like make your own Logic Tree with the logic to move the camera based on mouse and keyboard input.

Is it possible to have armory visuals in blender layout? I got used to blender logic for games but the graphics isnt good like armory…but i dont know how to use the logic in armory yet because no tutorials.

No, there isn’t right now. That was an experimental feature at one point, but it has to get reworked into the engine and it hasn’t been done yet.

As for tutorials, there are a couple of people who have done video tutorials including logic nodes:

Ok. I think its not good that armory has completely different layout for code…lots of people got used to blender and blender is beutiful platform…just very glitchy and graphics glitches, but it would be nice to offer blender with better graphics like armory. Initialy i installed armory hoping it would be blender with better graphics and dumbed downd difficulty for game design. Contrary to this, iit is better graphics but new code wich will turn away many blender users who have not the time to learn new code system. It is just my opinion what was my expectation, if this can be addressed in future release i think you have a super product. or better yet have 2 options blender coding style and armory so two styles work together! :slight_smile: