Shadow issue

There is some shadows glitches.
Left is how level looks, right is how shadow look when looking at floor.

1st, nice level.
2nd, here are some tips:

  1. try to set the camera clipping to a reasonable amount.
  2. try different render paths!
  3. try disabling or enabling bloom
  4. clear cache and build again!

Just observation, it happens more often if the camera looks into certain directions at a certain angle.
*Objects located closer to the floor, there are no problems with shadows
(The HTML version displays the shadows the way it wants.)
Armory3dBugShadowsSunVsPointLight.blend (645.4 КБ) (WASD, Space anb P)

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From my own latest experience: For html5 target you have to enable shadow atlas.
Then all should be good. If I don’t enable this, shadows go nuts 100% all the time on html5.

(Btw: Outstanding work -> N8n5h/m_entent. Without this… uuuhh… I dunno… :slight_smile: )


I have that problem too. Have you found some solution?