Should I use Eevee Renderer or Cycles Renderer when using emissions materials?

I might be missing something but it seems like with Eevee renderer, the defuse materials don’t seem to bounce light off when using emissions material on other objects, is it something that I have not configured correctly or what?

If I use Cycles Rednerer instead of Eevee Renderer, then if I were to code a basic game with emissions materials, would my game lag?

Armory actually uses its own completely independent renderer that has nothing to do with Eevee or Cycles. Armory tries to look similar to Eevee and Cycles ( recently it has been calibrated to look more like Eevee I think ) so that Armory will look like your Blender scene, but choosing one or the other in Blender won’t actually change what the game looks like.

Eevee and Cycles are useful for visualization and for baking.

So when the user clicks on the play button, then it will use its own rendering engine, right and it is not something I have to select manually, right?


That’s right. No manual selection.

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The Armory documentation (and developer blogs) have talked about how Armory’s renderer differs from the others – it’s most like Eevee. But of course, Armory’s renderer is a game renderer that has to be able to sustain so-many “FPS = frames per second,” while Eevee doesn’t. There are various simplifications – things that Armory doesn’t attempt to do (yet). But both are still very impressive.

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Does the built in game renderer support materials bouncing off emmissions material from other objects?

I don’t think that emission materials will cast light. I’m pretty sure that there is an open issue for that.

Thats a shame, as long as there is an issue created on Github then that is great.

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