Should played actions loop indefintely by default or play just once?

When I create actions and play them back with a simple On Keyboard Started node linked to a Play Action node in Armory 0.5 / Blender 2.79, the action keeps playing, looping indefinitely.

Is this the expected behaviour or a bug?

Also, I don’t see any evidence of blend doing anything at .1,.2,.5 or .7…

I think that you are supposed to use a Pause Action node after the action is done playing. Like this:


Yeah, I did that (or rather I had it play an idle animation when done) and it worked. It just seemed strange that this was necessary and I wasn’t sure if I should file a bug.

Thanks for the suggestion though, @zicklag . If looping is the intended default behaviour, I’ll definitely use your suggestion!

There was a couple discussions about this, but for now, that is how it is: