Shutdown node only works on first scene?

I want my game to go to a win screen if you win and a lose screen if you lose, the game should then wait here for 3 seconds and then close the game.

First off I assume I am correct in using the native node ‘Shutdown’ to close the game? I have this on my main menu and it works fine. I have tried this a few ways, I have set the new scene, added a sleep node and then the shutdown which called the scene but didn’t shutdown the game. I have also tried just calling the scene and then made a new node tree which when the scene initialises it activates which sleeps and then shutsdown the game.
Neither of these worked.

However, when I ran the win scene first (which is the one I want to sleep for 3 seconds and then shutdown) it runs fine, it opens, does nothing for a few seconds and then closes. This seems to me to suggest that the shutdown only works on the first scene opened? My menu uses shutdown but it is the first scene opened.

Thanks for the help