Simple Jump

Hy there
I’ve tried to make a simple jump node tree, later added a double jump function.
So the cube can jump I used the “Apply Impulse” node.
And that you can’t “fly-jump” I added an “anti-key-spam” mechanism with a Property.
(Cube mass: 3)

But I’m not happy with what I’m getting. The cube rises to slow and also fall to slow. But if I increase the Mass in the physics tab I also need to increase the Impulse and the result is the same as before, :frowning:

Is there a better/easier way to make a jump-“system”, with nodes?

Maybe later on the cube should also move.

Thx 4 your answers.


aah. lust love explaining my technique.

Maybe you can increase gravity together with the cubes Linear Factor Z (about 1.8 seems to be the limit of stability with this one). You can find it in the Rigidbody preferences of the cube -> Armory Props

so let’s imagine this is a really sick fps setup, but its missing something.
so start by putting an empty in the character, one under the character and a cube in between but not touching the character.

then send a physics ray from the upper empty to the lower empty.
after that check, if it’s not the cube.

Edit: the cube should be in trigger mode and static mode and all of the empties and the cube itself should be parented to the player.
Edit2: the ray goes thru the character because of culling, which is completely reasonable.

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Haha, I love finding clever solutions like that. I’m going to have fun doing more stuff like this as I get more into game programming. :slight_smile: