Simple Look at along Z axis

This is an easy way to make Suzanne the monkey look at the moving Cube object along Z axis with my way,I know there are more accurately math out there but I can’t really handle it,so this is the easiest way to do it.
Hope some day we can use "look at " node straight forward like “look at” or “track to” in BGE,or there should be a node template to show how to convert Euler angle to Quaterion would help when we really need a 3 axis look at.

Hi olsen,

I made my own “Track to” node some time ago. I was trying to replicate the “Track to Actuator” in BGE.
It is basically the same math formula you made with nodes, but coded in haxe into one node, and with an “UP axis” constraint, or kinda.

If you want to try it, you can check the “looking at” node with a camera! topic.
There is the download link on the last post.

Hi Hikibob,
Thanks for your contribution and sharing!
I’m still a rookies in armory3D,in facts that I have no idea how to use .hx file yet,
I’ll try to feed back when I work out,thanks!! That’s great!!