Simple Retro Asteroid - Demo online and Source Project for Download!

Hello, I wanted to show you a simple Retro Asteroid game.

Can be played on PC via an online browser.

Demo online and Source project for download!

Armory3D: 2021.04 and Blender: 2.83.13



Generally, it’s hard to create in Armor (Logical Nodes - once it works, once something doesn’t work)

Custom Nodes - Blender shuts down without warning
No Super Nodes - spagietti are formed

The sounds in Html5 work after two or three uses, no volume change.

Simple game and it’s already a bit of a mess, no Assets Browser.

And other…

Update Game 1: A little visual change and music

Update Game 2: Add PowerUp Fast Shoot

Update Game 3: I was able to fix a game crash, possibly bad programming (Logic Nodes).

Upgrade Game 4: Small bugs fixed and project available for download


This has probably the most horrible music I’ve ever heard in my life. :rofl:

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That’s really awesome… Are you gonna participate in the game jam cause this would be a great project to submit;


Well done! This game runs really smoothly. Did you use the particle system, because I really like the particles and effects in your game

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True, that’s why I changed the music.

Thanks, I didn’t use the Particles, only Spawn.

Spawn Explosion

Animate in particle


Nice game!!
An retro-good time!

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