Simple shapekey application -The Crying Babushka-

Simple Demo how to apply Shapekeys

Crying Babushka

Download Blend from

Tool used:

Colburns plugin sports its own cloth physics. VERY easy to use.
Just play around, you´ll figure it out. Questions are welcome.
It generates a shapekey for each animation.


  • Install above plugin. It runs perfectly under 2.93 and is a lot easier
    to use than the updated version he also offers. Consider support.
  • Choose your collision oject first.
  • View 3D- N Panel-Extended Tools-Push set collider button
  • Choose cloth object
  • View 3D- N Panel-Extended Tools-Push Modeling cloth button
  • Play with the update buttons and Grab and Reset.
  • Under Object Data Properties-Shapekeys (green triangle icon) select
    the third key “modeling cloth key” and play with the value slider underneath

Hehe! Thats it. Njoy!

PS- See this post how to publish your game/demo 4 free on Github: