Skewed Perspective

Hi Folks:

I have been adding some materials and such to my project. Here is a screenshot in rendered view through the camera on my FPS character.

IM really quite happy with how its turning out, however when I send it to the game engine, this is what turns out

I realize the textures wont be the same as evee or cycles, but the skewed perspective puzzles me – can someone please point out whats wrong?


To be that different between Eevee and Armory, sounds like a bug to me, so it would be worth filing an issue with the blend file if you can.

That said, the difference looks a lot like a very different focal length on the camera. It could be worth playing around with this and see if it has an effect when you run Armory.

You can change it here:

35mm is the closest approximation of adult human vision, although larger numbers like 50mm can look more “filmic” flattening the image down, so there’s less distortion, even at long distances.

Your image looks like it needs to be larger (it looks like it’s about 5mm which is extreme).