Slow parent not working?

Hello Lubos,

Just bought Armory and starting playing with it ! So fun :slight_smile:

So here is the problem : when checking “Slow parent” (object properties > Relations Extras), it works in the viewport but not in game.

This is very usefull for camera to follow the player with smooth movements.

Hi @Wabby,

You can achieve that effect with haxe scripts otherwise.

Download example here, use a+d or left+right to spin the cube. In the example only rotation is lerped, but position can be lerped just as easily.

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Heyo @Wabby!

Thanks a lot for supporting Armory, happy you are having fun! I have also added a new github issue to add support for this feature. Probably won’t make it for the build 14 as it is already getting finalized tomorrow but will get it done for the next one. :slight_smile:

@guzzard : thanks a lot but… the link is not working :confused:

@lubos : nice, thank you.

@Wabby updated link to a more permanent one!

This relation parent don’t work in blender 2.8.

Is there a way to rotate object via logic nodes and ease in and out for a number of seconds the time between start and end ?

(there is a way if you create a variable a timer, a gate, and another variable that increace during time via math node for smooth, but it is long, and complicated)

Maybe checkout the lerp node.