Small vehicle game


Thought to share a small vehicle fan art game.

Did not do too much in graphics compare to other great projects shared previously :slight_smile: .

Spend most of time to stabilize the vehicle at high speed while in stable manner (no flip around corners etc). Also model the race track in more automatic way (through curves/array) as I am not that good at artistic tastes.

There is another approach to build race tracks through blocks, but I found it seem like need to build all different situations in advance.

There are definitely cons/pos for both curves vs block approach.

Around the speed feeling, one technique is to fake the speed number, but found it made other logic harder to calculate. So then try to stabilize the vehicle at high speed.

Another thing want to try in the game is to transform vehicle in real - time and make it behave differently (speed up/harder to turn).

Not sure if it is just me, but latest bullet physics seem to be not able to skid that much compare to older version.

Also share the source code in description



Try this

You can also make a track composed of different parts each with their own textures and connect them together.

Thats Cool! :fire::fire:

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Thanks. That is the approach I am using for the above video. But instead of building only portion, I build entire track with curves.

The other approach (in case some other is interested) is like following:

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Small update:

Finally had a time attack function (finally more like a game :slight_smile: ) with boosts/brake effects

It requires two patches (or hacks)
One patch for vehicle system is not currently integrated with Armory RigidBody (RigidBody.contacts will not able to get the vehicle rigid body)

Dynamically disable/enable particle system (there are spawning method… but it seem to not able to just disable in time)



Wow, just wow. Thanks for the patches!

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That’s great @danilk! Good job. :smiley: :+1:

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hello bro can you made tutorial how made drivable vehicle you files not working

i download other dude template apply it to my car but handling is bad car switch 180 when i turn annoing

watch video

tutorial with engine sound and tire sound it be helpfull and reset car back to road