Snorkel Explorer: An Educational Interactive Experience (and my first armory release!)

Hi all,

This is my first complete release using Armory3d — which has a been a great experience to use! I was an avid user of the original BGE, happy to see armory carry on in those footsteps!

It’s an educational interactive experience focusing on ecology and environmental awareness, featuring diverse dive sites from around the world, tons of unique creatures, randomly generated seafloors, and the calming sensation of just gliding around in your flippers.

You can download it free on itch here:


Thanks for checking it out!


Awesome game, it was a lot of fun playing this! As @QuantumCoderQC already wrote on itch io, its important to draw attention to the state of coral reefs and their inhabitants all over the world as the oceans get warmer.

I really like the athmosphere and feeling of the game and it has very nice visuals and details.

Some ideas if you plan to further improve the game:

  • The music sometimes stutters at the beginning of a level (as written on itch io)
  • Different music for different levels would be awesome
  • The movement of the player is sometimes a bit difficult depending on the camera perspective.
  • Sometimes the mouse look locks itself even when no longer holding the middle mouse button
  • The player movement could be a bit more indirect (resistance of water) but I’m not sure if this would destroy the steering

Would you mind if I add it to the list of Armory games at the wiki?

Awesome, thanks for the feedback! Please add it to the list of Armory games!

I really struggled to reduce the occasional stutter on the audio - it seems that any slow down due to the large amount of physics objects also causes a audio slowdown, running on the same thread I guess. @timodriaan Any suggestions?

I have no idea, sorry. Why do you have so many physics objects in the scene? Are the fish objects rigid bodies?

this is really a great concept, congratulations !
It’s not easy to move with my azerty keyboard… As you don’t use Q and Z, could you assign the keyboard like this :

  • w or z : up
  • a or q : left
    It would be great :slight_smile: compatible with qwerty & azerty

An other thing, the panel that explain the controls is out of screen for me at the start menu.

Really good work !

Thanks for the good feedback and thanks for playing! - I’ll see to add azerty options in the next release!

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