[SOLVED] A silly question, how can I make a HUD and menu?

is there any way or tutorial on making HUD and menu 2d stuffs?


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I don’t believe there is a fast answer to this. I am planing on covering some of the subject in a upcoming video on my channel. http://www.youtube.com/c/ArmoryBlenderGame

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cool! look forward to your tutorial!

I am stuck on creating HUD like health bar and game menu.
As armoryui seems only have text, button and image. No pregress bar or scroll bar etc.

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should be out this weekend
And yes I don’t believe there is a slider or scroll in it yet. What you can do though is create the items in the 3D world and parent them to the camera. That is how I plan on working with more advanced things like sliders for now. I think you might be able to use text areas inside blender to acomplish scrolling test but not sure.

Here is the video covering the very basics of the UI. I will be doing more and more as I flesh out the game and keep improving it. Hope it helps and gets you started.