[SOLVED] About (screen to world space)

hi guys
I have a question about node (screen to world space)…
I recently needed to generate an object at the course location considering the examples in this thread.

but the problem I had is that I couldn’t replicate it because I (probably) ignored some factor, since the (screen to world space) node (let me clarify, this together with the “get cursor loc” node) gave me the coordinates, but the ( object) was never spawne at the cursor location (it was always spawn at the center of the world), so I decided to use (raycast) and it gave me the result I wanted.
(blend, with raycast)

Ignoring this, could anyone give me an example or a more precise explanation about this node?
preferably and if it’s not too much trouble, an example file, so I can decipher out and understand it better…tsm advance

Hello. I haven’t looked at your blend yet, but I made an example of how to use the World to Screen node a while back. I’m aware you’re asking how to use the Screen to World node instead, but you might use this example useful in the mean time: GitHub - rpaladin/armory3d-3d-to-2d: A small demo of converting world space to screen space.


After looking at your blend, I’m not so sure the Screen to World node is what you’re actually looking for. The Pick RB node may be what you’re really looking for. Here’s a example:

CursorLoc_rp.blend (1.0 MB)

Feel free to ask again for a Screen to World example if you still want one.

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I could say yes, the result is similar and works the same as in the tutorial.
The reason I wanted to use node (screen to world space) was because of the tutorial mentioned above.
But now with the example file that you shared with node (world to screen space) I could say that at some point I will understand node well, since now I have a reference, Tsm :+1:

reuploaded file with filter for collections,but only with the (node ​​tree) used by raycast in case anyone is interested, references included, if I eventually do a filter for (collections) with the (node ​​tree) used by PickRB, I will update the file

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