[SOLVED] Ah...the game is rare

Good day everyone!

I maked a veeery simple fps controls and this is happening,someone know why happening this?


other game.blend (848.6 KB)

2020-09-10 23-10-08


If you turn on the camera as Viewport and look from the side at your “hero” in motion, then strange changes take place there. It seems to me because of them that the camera’s view is simply blocked.

Ok,thanks!! I’ll see how to fix it

if i get something i will post it

Hi again!!!

i don’t know why,but the game see strange because the movement of the camera is produced by the “head”,i changed that and it work!ed!!

other game.blend (848.6 KB)



The strange behaviour happens because the scale of the objects is not applied. Please apply the scale to ‘Cube.001’ and ‘Icosphere’

How To:

  • Select both ‘Cube.001’ and ‘Icosphere’
  • CTRL + A and choose ‘Scale’

Thanks man,my solution is a simple fix without explanation,but thanks for clear the problem

Have a good day!