[SOLVED] Always Render Object In Front of Others

Hi, does anyone have an idea of how to force an object to always render in front of all others? The idea is that I will have a HUD (some text objects) rendered in 3D space, and they need to always display first, even if it is located behind another object. This is essentially the opposite of a skybox, which typically need to be rendered behind all objects at all times. I am aware of canvas text, but I am trying to achieve a fully 3D hud.

I am not sure if the best way to achieve this would be directly in Blender, or via the Armory API. Thanks for any info!

I think overlays should be able to do something like that - It can be turned on in the material settings (and toggled under the renderer settings), that should force it to be rendered on top.


As for rendering text (I presume you mean text that can be changed at runtime - sorta like a Dead Space’ish HUD?), I think you might be able to render ZUI elements to 3D objects realtime through haxe, although I don’t have that much insight into that part, but it should be possible:

Hope it helps


That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Here’s where it’s enabled, for those that want to know (selected object ->Material->Armory Props->Overlay):