[SOLVED] Armory 3D doubts

Hi all!
I’m NEITekniks, new here. I’ve been following Armory3D for quite a while, and finally after reviewing several game engines, have chosen Armory3D for projects.
It has been an amazing experience using this amazing engine, but I have run into 3 issues-
1- Scene does not render more than 4 point lights? (Is this a setting, or a limitation of the renderer?)
2- No Global Illumination as of right now (Except for baked)
3- There is some sort of timeline in the bottom of the UICanvas editor. What is it for?
Now, I do know that there is a bounty for DDGI, and someone is working on re-implementing the old (But still awesome) Voxel GI.
Is there a non-baked GI solution in the engine right now? (As I saw SSGI in the ‘Shaders’ folder (In 23.08), but couldn’t find a way to implement it.)
Thanks in advance!

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

View here for more details on how to resolve this issue (it isn’t a bug):


Correct. Armory used to support global illumination in legacy versions, but no longer supports it since the migration to Blender 2.8+. This is due to Armory no longer being based on a fork of Blender. Armory is now an add-on for various reasons.

There is a paid bounty for it, as you already mentioned.

It’s for animating UI elements I believe.

I’m not sure, sorry. Best to wait for someone else to answer this question.

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