[SOLVED] Armory closes when minimized with code 3221225477

I was creating my first game with armory and I put a code that when pressed the b button will move the cube, but when I minimize my game it closes the armory window with this error: WARNING: Player exited code 3221225477. faster if you define the object to be moved.

here is the blend file

Hello and welcome to the forum.

This crash error you’ve stumbled across is a super annoying [and notorious] crash bug many in the Armory community have experienced in the past months.


The crash is mainly caused by large textures (4k resolution textures for example). The source fix for the bug is fixable and can be done so easily, if you know how to compile Armorcore (with C++) or someone else has compiled Armorcore with the mentioned fixes from here:

If you’d rather not compile Armorcore with the fixes yourself or don’t know how to compile it yourself, you can simply download this custom Krom executable (Armorcore) with the mentioned fixes, from @ timodriaan:

Once you have extracted the custom Krom executable, replace it with your current Krom executable. Your Krom executable can be found in \armsdk\Krom\.

In case you’re wondering why this sad bug hasn’t been fixed yet, it’s due to the bug being on the Kha/Kinc end, not Armory. We can easily fix the bug on the Armory side, but due to Lubos re-forking Kha/Kinc source each month, Lubos tends to forget re-adding the fix each month and so the bug fix gets overlooked sadly…

now I’m having some other problems with the compilation, an error code that I didn’t write down and a long delay when compiling a match on the play button of armory after having published an android version of the game, the error 3221225477 I’m not having anymore, but there are these other errors in compilation

Could you please check to see if you have a stderr.txt text file in your \armsdk\Krom\ folder. It’s a crashlog file. If you have it, please share it here. Thanks!

Example: \armsdk\Krom\stderr.txt