[SOLVED] Armory from Windows/Android to macOS/iOS?

Hi–I’m extremely new to Armory, but before I dive in deeper, I’d love to get some perspective on the possibilities. I’m interested in making a simple multi-touch 3D game, but with some complicated “bespoke” gestures, and would like to leverage my years of experience with Blender. Much of the time I work on Mac, but also am comfortable with Windows. I understand that development for Mac and Linux are lagging a bit, for good and obvious reasons. That said, I’d like to be able to develop for both iOS and Android. My question is: how easy/possible is it to develop in Armory Windows for Android and, when finished, then bump the project over to Mac for wrapping up as an iOS app as well? Can I output a blob from the Windows version for XCode validation, or would there be a need for extensive reworking in Armory Mac? Can I output direct for iOS from Windows? I’ve heard that’s sometimes possible, but dicey, and I’m far from an expert coder.
Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hi @NickEJ, welcome to the Armory community,

I’m interested in making a simple multi-touch 3D game

While multi-touch is available in Armory, it is only available via Haxe at the moment. So some basic Haxe programming might come in Handy. Most of the other features are usually available as both Haxe and Logic nodes. So there you could use what you like.

I’d say it is relatively easy. There should be no extensive rework required to export games to different platforms. But what might be required is the “building” of the game after it has been exported in Armory. For Android, this is usually done in Android Studio, and for Windows in Visual Studio. This should also not involve complicated programming. Just basic options and permission settings if at all needed for the game on the smartphone.

I haven’t heard anyone building for ios recently in the community. And I don’t own an Apple device to test. I suggest getting the addon and trying to build a simple default cube scene as a test for ios. Then you know for sure if t works, and what it takes to build. Here is the Armory wiki on building for ios.

I don’t think this is possible in Armory. You need a Mac device to export and build for ios.

Hope this was helpful :slightly_smiling_face:.

P.S. We also have a discord server, where people are a bit faster to reply. Feel free to join.

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Thank you very, very much for the reply! I’m a professor at an art college, so have a loaner Mac PowerBook for doing the iOS experiment. I teach and do a lot of 3D, so I also have a personal Windows computer for a lot of that stuff. I’ve been doing a few experiments with ChatGPT and Unity C# scripting, as well as a course from GameDev.tv and found that while I can put together a C# script fairly well, ChatGPT actually does a decent job and a lot faster. I found out a couple of days ago that it will also do Haxe for Armory! This was a pleasant surprise and got me thinking about using Armory for the project instead, since I prefer open-source and the project is more dependent on graphics and animation than complex code work, aside from wanting to do some multi-touch interactions. That at least narrows the range of study for me.

Thank you as well for the recommendation on the Discord server. As I go about seeing how things go on the Android side, I’m sure I’ll have more questions!

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