[SOLVED] Armory weird problem with sound

Hello I have a problem With setting up Sound
My first Problem is with Speakers When i play .WAV normaly in blender it plays ok but as soon i try to play it in Armory Player 3 thing happen with sound
1.It becomes super loud
2.It becomes High Pitched
3.It Becomes super speed up

My second problem is with “Play Speaker” “Play Sound” Nodes

No matter what i do it won’t play the sound.

What’s Weird about those problems is that in the example file “sound” the sound from speaker plays normally but only the the file that is in the exmaple when i put my file its distorted.

Hi, its difficult to narrow down to exactly what the actual issue is. But I can provide a few trouble shooting steps.

  1. Kha, the framework Armory is built on mainly supports wav (sample rate: 44100Hz 16 bit) type of audio data. So please ensure that your audio is in such format. If your sound plays at high/ low pitch, there is chance that the sample rate of the audio is not well suited for Kha
  1. As for this issue, try putting your audio files in the ProjectFolder/Bundled folder. And set the sound quality in armory settings to 0.9

More trouble shooting includes checking the blender debug console to see if any errors/ warnings appears.

If you still could not resolve the issue, please post a small test file here.

Edit: Please also mention your OS and the version of Armory you use in your reply.

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Thanks for the help
1.I put the .WAV file in to project folder and it didn’t work

  1. sample rate: 44100Hz 16 bit how to check if my file has that type of audio data and also is there a way to re sample my file

3.My Os is Windows 10 and My Version of Armory is 2021.12.0

i tried to sent by blend file and i was told that Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.

Upload on Google drive then send the link

Ok cool ,let me also try to check your issues .Have you also try to downgrade to 2021.11 to check if it’s current armory version?

I didn’t give me a minute to try if this helps

Access denied with link ,can you allow access

Can you share the sound file as well ,just put them with the blend file in the same folder and send zip

The site won’t let me post it i don’t know why
and for some reason my post was flagged as spam

Even on Older version its the same problems.

Ok I saw the problem ,you used the “wrong” node .I am creating an example setup.you should use (play speaker ) node instead of play sound

I downloaded diffrent .WAV file that had sample rate: 44100Hz 16 bit and after turning the armory player and using speaker on loop its a a a little bit better but its still speed up and higher pitch

i did try to do that now and still no sound

Okay, Here is the “fixed” file. Run and press “b” to play sound:

I noticed 2 issues:

  1. The pitch is definitely due to the audio sampling not matching that of armory’s sample rate. Forcing armory to use a different sample rate makes the sound much closer to the original. Although I am not 100% sure if Armory is at fault or the audio file is at fault

  2. The node trait was not applied to any object / scene. So the even if the trait exists, it never executes because it is not applied to any object/ scene.


1.Thx for the help with that i can a least kinda use the play sound if only i could do something about the speakers

And for the audio file, this is what VLC says:


After some testing i can’t get rid of My files being a little Pitch up even if i use the file with recomended format,sampling and 16 bit is there a way to fix this ?

Download the audio as .ogg. Armory supports that as well/Or convert the audio

thx for help i solved the problem with the sound
in order to have normal pitch sound i just need in audocity or any music program to lower the pitch a little bit and then it’s ok

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