[SOLVED] Bug - Play Action From node

I can’t play an action. I saw in old videos that play action worked. but this version is buggy.

the animation plays smoothly but when I run the game and press a key to animate it does nothing.

Does anybody know how to solve this?

Hi. Are you by chance building using HL (Hashlink) C++? If so, there is already a fix you can download here. If this bug is indeed the same issue you’re having, the 2023.05 release still has not been released (it should be later this week), but you can copy-paste the changes/fix to your local armsdk anytime.

If this fix did not resolve your problem, please provide any console errors and state your OS type, thanks.

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Thanks for answering.

Glad to help. To clarify, the proposed solution did fix your problem?

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I’m using the newer version now 2023.05.
but when I press w it doesn’t play the animation and I’m using linux. There are no console errors about animating the armature.
my VisualScript looks like this:

Does it run in the browser? What about on non-HL Krom targets?

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I did the following:
I selected the action I wanted in action editor and clicked push down
then I chose another action and did the same

only after that did it work

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no browser. Krom Linux desktop

Ah yes. That’s unfortunately just how Armory’s animation pipeline is structured: it’s not a bug. Armory only exports and uses actions that are active on the object that will be using it. The “push down” button you’re referring to stashes / packs / embeds an animation action into another one.

Blender documentation on action stashing: Tracks — Blender Manual

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You can also use Action Markers to state separate animation chapters for individual actions: Markers — Blender Manual

Here is an Armory demo that uses Action Markers: Armory3D Examples Browser

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