[SOLVED] Call node trees

Good morning, I have been carrying out some tests following the example of the video “How to call node trees in Armory 3D”, and I like the result, but there is a result that I would like to have and that is that, in the second example of the video, when Passing one object over another causes it to change color but stay that color.
Is there a way to make that after the object that activates the node passes, the object that changes color returns to its original color?

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Hi, the call node tree has been replaced by logic group nodes since version 2023.03. So, the nodes behave more blender-like. The video should actually be deprecated.

A small video of how one could use these node groups:

As for changing the color back, you could simply set the color of the object back to its old color at the end of the node group…


I’m going to remove that old video (forgot it existed for a while) and replace it with the updates node group after I finish making the color grading tutorial.


Maybe just rename it to “deprecated.”

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It’s best to remove it to avoid confusion as it doesn’t have any value once I make the updated video and would only lead to confusion.

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Thank you very much for the help, what a good service and attention, in this short time that I have been working with Armory I have felt comfortable with your help