[SOLVED] Camera Problem

Hello. I have a problem with my FPS game. When I look up I see a false reflection in varying shapes. There is no object entering the camera area, the camera is independent.

Where could I have made a mistake?

Hello. Could you upload a blend that produces the issue?

It might be a camera clip issue. Try this; Fix camera overlaying frames issue. #shorts #armory3d #haxe #blender3d #gamedev - YouTube

Thanks for answers guys. I could not understand how it was added to the reflective plane. fixed.

For the benefit of anyone else who make experience this same issue in the future, would you mind sharing what was the solution to fixing the problem? Was it @ Armory_3D_Community’s proposed solution?

sure, check the image.

this probe was inside the player object’s head. you can’t see it because it’s not an object, but it creates a reflection in a small area. that’s why I didn’t notice. I don’t know when I placed it there but I may have pressed the wrong button on the keyboard. it took me a while to find it since it was set up as a child.