[SOLVED] Can't read JSON from server

I’m not sure it is a bug or just me.
In the browser, I get

TypeError: this.canvas.getElement(...) is null


update http://localhost:8040/build_armory_data/debug/html5/kha.js:611

run http://localhost:8040/build_armory_data/debug/html5/kha.js:622

runOutput http://localhost:8040/build_armory_data/debug/html5/kha.js:556

run http://localhost:8040/build_armory_data/debug/html5/kha.js:834

getBlob http://localhost:8040/build_armory_data/debug/html5/kha.js:5851

onreadystatechange http://localhost:8040/build_armory_data/debug/html5/kha.js:21941

​trying to read simple JSON from a server on the LAN:

As you can see, I tested with read file, read JSON, with and without timer (to give the API server one sec to reply).
@Didier, @Naxela à l’aide, help!

my bad, I misspelled the text box name :frowning:
and a cache issue.

how to write using POST though?

What cache issue? Having big problems with that. Not getting updated values.

They probably mean the project cache, or a browser cache if they’re using the HTML5 target.

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