(Solved) Canvas in SDK 2022.1

Hi, anyone else having issues with canvas in SDK 2022.01?

After creating a new canvas ui for a scene and hitting “edit canvas” all I see is a black canvas. Even demo files (canvas_ui) show the same - that is black - result.

Switching back to former SDK it works as exspected but in blendfiles where I tried to edit the canvas with SDK 2022.01 the canvas is “brocken” (remains black and not editable).

Or maybe there was some announcement I missed about the SDK 2022.01 concerning canvas ui?!

Yep, I can confirm this. With former SDK you mean 2021.12? Because the Armory2D version didn’t get changed at all since October or so.

Will try to find the cause for this as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I am relieved to hear that it was not my lack of understanding but some “real” issue. Good luck in finding the cause!
(And ah … yes, I tried SDK 2021.11 and 12 an they worked fine.)

Armory2D used an old Kha version which wasn’t compatible with the current SDK’s Krom version. This should be fixed if https://github.com/armory3d/armory2d/pull/68 gets merged.

In case the SDK isn’t updated before February, you can follow the build instructions here to make it work with SDK 22.01 (after the above is merged).

Edit: there is now a 2022.01a release that includes the hotfix. No need to build Armory2D yourself if you download the newest SDK.

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