[SOLVED] Character Rig Problems - What did I do wrong?

i edit the message because dude here help apply rotation and scale in object mode helps and now hands not to big and it not deformed

new video all now perfect work correctly - YouTube

when it third person it not distorted watch walking jumping animated https://youtu.be/JFkb-iKG2hg

i setup another alien and again to big hands watch https://youtu.be/7K_OI_va8bI

A major rule that helps me a lot when working with rigs ( and, in Armory, other objects as well ) especially in Armory is to apply the rotation and scale of the rig. You do this by pressing Ctrl-A while in object mode and selecting “Rotation and Scale”.

The armatures system in Blender is one of the more complicated systems and there are kind of a lot of invisible ways to mess things up on accident; there are situations that Blender can get in that Armory doesn’t understand and doesn’t properly export into your game. If you really can’t get it to work, you may try starting over from scratch with as simple as possible of an example and seeing if you can get that to work.


thanks i will try ctrl-a rotation and scale i dont find good random tutorial how to made rig

problem when i made my own rig it not rotated in object mode and scripts dont work and ye it very hard do rig

hi bro you advice is help my i try apply rotation and scale now hands not to big and it not distorted

watch new video all working https://youtu.be/cBNefJXGZNM