[SOLVED] Difference between debug and release modes


I recently published a PR hoping to solve the issue with Windows-C targets.

However, @Iodo on discord discovered that the RigidBodies of type Mesh and ConvexHull do not collide at all on C targets. So I did a quick check and found that the bullet physics works just fine if, in VisualStudio, the build is set to ‘Release’.

It, however, does not work if the build type is set to Debug. In either case, there are no errors at any stage. I am now not sure what might be different between these two modes that cause this behavior.

Debug Mode recordiing

Release Mode recording

Here the plane and the pyramid are Mesh and ConvexHull respectively.

Hi. @QuantumCoderQC.

Here is the difference between debug and release.


For example, if you can make settings that also optimize in a debug build, you may find a chance to find the cause.

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