[SOLVED] Disabling Camera movement

Is there a way to stop the camera movement when starting a game? I am creating one that with have a static camera view.

Also, what would the best method of limiting the rotation of an object in the logic nodes?

Thanks guys


If you set Armory Player - Camera to Scene the walk navigation will not get enabled and the camera will be placed exactly where the active scene camera is. Please let me know if you have something different in mind.

For limiting the rotation, this could be one of the ways. Rotation value is in radians. Once the object rotation exceeds 1 it will not pass through the gate.

Not sure why but the gate node on my system looks like this

Ah, the False output socket is a recent addition available in git (after updating, placing a new Gate node will make the socket show up). The nodes should be compatible, only the newer one also allows to connect the False socket for more functionality.

ok, really stupid question. how exactly do I update to the git hub version?

Armory Updater should be able to handle that - does this work?

Thanks Man that worked Great.

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