[SOLVED] Dynamically generate terrain from set of z values

How does one go about making a plane (Mesh Object) dynamically with X * Y vertices and each vertex with a given height Z? Sort of like how the “Terrain” feature is in Armory3d, but dynamically, and a 2D array of Z values.

Maybe it could be done with displacement modifier and change material params.

Hi, @Momowitch

Thank you for the idea. Sadly this cannot be done as Armory applies the modifiers before exporting. So, the displacement modifier is applied, and cannot be changed during runtime.

I tried it using armature. Bones presents vertices. It could work. Mesh has been deformed when i moved the bone, but little crappy.

Thank you again,

That works, but as you say, a little slow and crappy. I was thinking of a more programmable approach.

Is https://github.com/armory3d/armory/wiki/generate_mesh what you are looking for?



Thank you so much. I should have known.