[SOLVED] Embeding a game on a website

Has anyone installed a game on a website that is not on the home page. I have a wordpress built site and would like to make a page for my game. I have read though the docs but not sure what to change in the HTML to make it a page within the site. Also, if you know where exactly within the wordpress folder structure to but the files for the game.

Let me know what information you need (if any) to help answer the question.


Put you game folder in your wordpress folder. and link index.html(game) to the website, so that when you click on button it will take you to game. Don’t change any thing in html, just put all folder in wordpress website folder

I prefer to upload my games on itch.io. It works well with Armory. After you can embed your games or use direct link to make it avaiable.


Easy - just define a div with id “khanvas”, i.e.
<div id ="khanvas"></div>
and include the kha.js file. Then the game should show up in your div.

In wordpress, including the kha.js file will require some PHP coding. I think the best way would be to develop your own simple plugin for that.

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Thank you. This worked perfectly and dropped right into my wordpress site.