[SOLVED] Fullscreen for mobile HTML

Hello! I can’t open my works as fullscreen in mobile browsers. Desktop browsers are ok but mobile browsers open in a little window. How can I fix this?

Window Settings:

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this is too complicated for me. what should I do? I understand that I need to replace a new line of code with an old one, but where can I find these old codes?

Navigate to the sdk path and replace this file with the one attached here
SystemImpl.hx (36.1 KB)

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Error :frowning:

Hello. I’m not sure what @Armory_3D_Community was doing, but that’s broken code.

Please revert your changes and instead include the code from here:

Like in this screenshot (originally from here):


Not works for me but this: canvas size issues when using custom resolution with last repo · Issue #2515 · armory3d/armory · GitHub
comment solve my problem but only for 1080p resolution.

I change my index.html codes with “fill” or “center”.

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Glad you were able to find a working workaround.

I’m curious, when you say, “mobile HTML,” are you testing on desktop or actual mobile devices?

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On a smart phone with Firefox, Chrome and on desktop Opera with developer tool mobile button.

I can’t see border pixels when i use mobile device but it’s better than before. If I found a way, will share with you.

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